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Welcome to the Love Calculator sponsored by the LOVE GURU. The Love Guru is very clever and knows that names have a meaning.

By analyzing two names, the Love Guru will be able to give you the chances of a successful relationship. The Love Calculator is a sophisticated calculation and with great power comes great responsibility. Please be aware of that.

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Love Advice from the Love Guru

Romantic Ways to Show Your Love

Sometimes flowers and candy simply will not do and a fresh or more personal approach to showing that special someone how much he or she is loved is needed. There are so many wonderful ideas. A beautiful love letter from the heart is always so appreciated. Dedicating a song while in a club or even over the radio can be so touching as long as the song is especially meaningful.

Some other ideas might be a book of love poems, a night away in a romantic spot, sharing a special talent like playing an instrument or singing for your partner, or even trying a new activity together. Dance lessons, pottery for couples, his and hers massages and spa treatments, or even a picnic with a special menu in a secluded spot are all very romantic and affectionate ways of showing someone how much he or she is loved and appreciated.

A Celebration of True Love

There can be no greater celebration than that which celebrates the love that two people share. A wedding is one such celebration, but there are so many others. The welcoming of a child into the home of a loving couple that wants nothing more than to share their love with a new life is a beautiful expression and celebration of love.

A wedding anniversary is another celebration of love. Imagine a twenty-fifth or fiftieth anniversary celebration and how much love must be shared for a couple to carry on their relationship for so many years. Even a funeral where the life of someone who was loved dearly is shared, celebrated and remembered is a true expression of a kind of love. Love can and should be celebrated at every stage of one's life with gusto and respect for the importance of love and those who are loved and with whom life is shared.

How love can help you live your life

We all want to achieve great things in this life. Some of us want to become an astronaut while others want to become a scientist or a movie star. What most of us do not understand is that one of the ways to achieve success and more importantly satisfaction is to look for love and give it back to whoever gives it to you.

The importance of love can only be experienced by those people who have faced difficulties in achieving their material goals. When a person fails in achieving his target, he needs the company of his loved ones and it is at that time that he realizes that true success and satisfaction does not come in achieving your goals or by doing something great. Rather, it comes from the love we have for each other and how we practice it. We can all have successful careers but until and unless we show love to each other, our life does not serve any real purpose.

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